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Small groups are an opportunity for you to move from simply sitting in rows on Sunday mornings, to getting involved with a circle of friends in a meaningful connection and spiritual growth.

How we do that is committing to be a part of a group that meets 3-8 weeks addressing the subject that is taught on Sunday morning. Most groups consist of 3 to 5 couples or around 6 to 10 persons that meet each week in host homes or at the church.

We form new groups 3 times a year: in the fall, winter and summer. If you would like to be a part of a small group, you can sign up using the form on this page.

Discussion questions for our current message series:

Who Needs God

People are migrating away from religion at an unprecedented rate–Christianity in particular. Once upon a time, people believed religion offered solutions. Today, many people view religion as the problem. In this 6-part series, we address this tension and set a foundation for faith that will stand up to the rigors of the real world.

Part 1: Atheist 2.0

Part 2: Gods of the No Testament

Part 3: The Bible Told Me So

Part 4: The God of Jesus

Part 5: In-Justice For All

Part 6: I Do


Ask It

Every day brings questions. Should I take this job? Buy that house? Marry this person? Should I Stay? Should I go? Before you ask another question, discover the most important question of all. In this 6-part series, we identify the one question that makes it easy to determine the answer to all other questions. 

Part 1: Question Everything

Part 2: Musical Chairs

Part 3: Time Over Time

Part 4: Edged Out

Part 5: Hold My Hand

Part 6: The Beginning


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