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When you feel down and out, you may be down, but you’re never out. There is still hope. Sure, you may be behind. It may be the Bottom of the 9th, but there is still a chance to turn this game around.
Baptism is:
-Public declaration of a new association.
-Personal declaration of a new association.
-Not a Condition of Salvation. It is Evidence of Salvation.
Uncertainty is unavoidable. Living in fear is optional.
The story of the resurrection is unbelievably believable. Nobody saw it coming.
Can you be unbalanced financially and still be a devoted follower of Christ? What does it even mean to be financially balanced? In this 6-part series, you'll be challenged to examine what you really believe about finances and faith: What does the Bible say about money? Can you survive without...
Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody is on a happiness quest. For many, happiness is measured in moments. Experiences. It's elusive. Unsustainable. What about you? What makes you happy?
In this remarkable 6-part study, our teaching team reveals what makes you happy. We’ll explore...
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