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Bad Blood Series

The Bridge

4-Part Series

Invite someone and join us for this 4-part series at The Bridge. You can also use the links below to discuss each week with your Small Group or to dig deeper on your own.

Part 1: The Empathy Lens

Part 2: Holding On

Part 3: A Conversation or a Confrontation

Part 4: Shaking the Dust Off

How are your relationships?

Have you ever had a great relationship go bad or a bad relationship that became even worse? What if there was a way to make all your relationships get better in just a few simple steps?

Bad blood can infect any relationship. And the quality of our lives is only as good as the quality of our relationships. Lack of peace about a relationship robs you of peace in your own life. But you can have peace about a relationship even without peace in the relationship. Happiness comes from peace with God, peace with yourself, and peace with others.

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