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Bottom of the Ninth

When you feel down and out, you may be down, but you’re never out. There is still hope. Sure, you may be behind. It may be the Bottom of the 9th, but there is still a chance to turn this game around.

MO HODGE - 04.24.16 | Matthew 19 & Romans 8
You may be down, but you're never out.
TIM TIMMONS - 05.01.16 | Joshua 4
Remembering the light brings hope to the dark.
MISSY FOX - 05.08.16 | Acts 7:51–53, 58–60
In the game of life, it’s easy to nd yourself down and heading into the bottom of the ninth. Sometimes you make a comeback. But sometimes life doesn’t work out as you hoped or planned. You lose... and loss hurts. Where can you nd hope when hope disappears?
DAVE FOX - 05.15.16 | Mark 2: 1-12
How should you respond when others face bottom-of-the-ninth moments? What do you say in the face of people’s losses and pain? What can you do to try to ease their suffering? How can you offer hope? It’s not about saying something or doing something. It’s about being someone.
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