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Faith, Hope and Luck

Our faith in God often hinges on his activity—or inactivity—in our daily experiences. When our prayers are answered, our faith soars. When God is silent, it becomes harder to trust him. When God shows up in an unmistakable way, our confidence in him reaches new heights. But when he doesn't come through, our confidence often wanes.

But it doesn't have to be that way—it's not supposed to be that way.

This 5-part series is guaranteed to transform your thinking about faith. You will discover the difference between faith and hope; will be presented with a definition for faith that will shed new light on both the Old and New Testaments; and will learn what you can expect of God every time you come to him with a request.

JON LEYSE - 07.05.15 | Hebrews 12:1-13
Faith often comes and goes as our circumstances change. It only takes a bad turn of events to challenge our beliefs. This message explains why we can continue to believe, even when everything around us argues to the contrary.
JON LEYSE - 08.09.15 | Hebrews 11: 1-8
So what is faith? Is it a force? Is it a power? Is it something we use to get Gods attention? According to Scripture, faith is none of those things. Faith is actually very simple. This message presents us with a biblical and practical definition of faith.
DAVE FOX - 08.16.15 | Matthew 21:18-22
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