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It's Personal

Are questions, concerns, or doubts preventing you from making a personal connection with God? This powerful series is directed to men and women who desire a personal relationship with God, but who have questions they want answered first.

In this 4-part series, we make a case for the fact that adults don't become followers of Christ by getting all their questions answered. In most instances, something happens that shrinks those questions. And that something is always personal. You don't have to understand everything to believe in something.

DAVE FOX - 04.12.15 | John 1:43-49
The story about your heart starts with your head. Sometimes, we block the pathway to faith in Christ with all types of questions and doubts. But most people dont become Christians because their questions were answered. In fact, those doubts dont always disappearthey just become smaller....
MO HODGE - 04.19.15 | Genesis 12:1-3
What happens when you choose to let God reveal Himself on His conditions, not yours? One man in the Bible did just that. From him, we learn well never be able to overcome our natural questions and doubts until we approach God on His terms. Because the truth is, salvation begins with God. He made...
MISSY FOX - 04.26.15 | John 9:1-41
You dont have to understand everything to believe in something. In so many areas of life, we believe without hesitation. Yet when it comes to faith, were reluctant to jump in with unresolved questions. But, often, understanding follows faith. And what you learn on the other side cant be denied....
DAVE FOX - 05.03.15 | Acts 9:1-22
Who is Jesus? Its the question that shrinks all other questions. And your answer will determine the validity of your doubts and hesitations about Christ. When you reject Christianity, you arent merely rejecting a moral code or a belief systemyou are rejecting a person, Jesus Christ, the living...
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