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Shocking Statements Of Jesus

Do the words of Jesus ever shock you? Did he really mean to say them? What if he did?

Starting June 22 at The Bridge North.

TRENT LEHMAN - 06.22.14 | John 6
You don't want to leave too, do you? Some of the shocking statements of Jesus made being his follower challenging. In this message, Andy recounts a statement that those gathered to hear Jesus simply didn't understand. But more important than the statement was the reaction of his disciples. In...
JON LEYSE - 06.29.14 | Mark 9:33-37
Everybody wants to be "great" and most of us spend every second of every day trying to find it. But where can we find true greatness? According to Jesus, true greatness is not found in how many people serve us but in how many people we are serving...
MO HODGE - 07.06.14 | Matthew 5, Matthew 19
We believe the goal of marriage is "oneness." But God says, in fact, the result of marriage is "oneness." This messag explores Jesus' shocking statements about marriage, divorce, and remarriage and explains why trying to "un-one" what God has joined may just be harder than we think.
TIM TIMMONS - 07.13.14 | Mark 9:42-48
What would you be willing to give to save your life? In Mark 9, Jesus says that giving up a hand, a foot, or even an eye would be totally worth it if it meant saving your life. It's a difficult trade, giving up something now for something greater later. But Jesus says it's worth the cost!
JAKE SNIDER - 07.20.14 | Matthew 5:43-48
"What are you doing more than others?" Jesus asks us this important and challenging question in reference to us loving our enemies. In this message, we discover that if we choose to not love those who have hurt us, we really are no different than anyone else.
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