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Sr Pastor Transition


Video Transcript

October 9, 2016

--Roger Muselman-- “We started The Bridge back in 2000...and for the first two years we met in the center of Adams County at the Adams Central School. Now, 16 years later, we have locations in both Decatur and Berne, reaching out to our entire area. I'm Roger Muselman, Treasurer of The Bridge Community Church, and one of the original team members. From the beginning, we have been a church that reaches out to the unchurched people of our community. Our goal is that people will experience the love and acceptance of God through us. Our foundation was built on contemporary worship, practical messages, and excellent children's ministry and now The Bridge has blossomed into a full-orbed church offering ministry to every age group. It has been simply amazing to see the vision achieved as we reach more and more people of our community. I truly believe that this is what "church" should be. And it has been one of the great privileges of my life to serve here. It is a privilege that we all have to be a part of what God is doing. Let's hear this message from Pastor Mo Hodge, our founding Pastor.”

--Mo Hodge-- “The Bridge is a great place! And it has been the joy of my life to serve on the team here. From the beginning I have had the joy of working with some of my best friends to lead this church. The Bridge was born out of the team we built at Youth For Christ. Our mission there was to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ with every young person. The Bridge became an outgrowth of that ministry. Sometimes I have even called The Bridge - Campus Life for adults! Dave Fox was instrumental in building our Youth For Christ leadership team. He graduated from Purdue, married Missy, and moved to Decatur to work with me at YFC - all in a two-week period! Together, he and I recruited the Campus Life staff and worked together to reach the youth of our area. He and Missy were also original team members to start The Bridge. Missy became our first Children's Ministry Director, and Dave joined our staff team as Executive Pastor. Dave and I have worked together for 27 years! Eleven years at YFC and now for 16 years at The Bridge. A few months ago I reached the ripe old age of 65. Age has a way of slowing you down. You know, afternoon naps...grandchildren waking you up! All that! And I have been thinking and praying for more than two years about our leadership succession plan. I have felt that our very best plan is that Dave would become our leader. Our leadership and staff team are in full agreement. I asked him to begin praying about this, and after several months of prayer and reflection, Dave felt led to accept this new role. And so today, I am thrilled to share with you that on January 1st of 2017, Dave Fox will become our Sr. Pastor! I will continue on the leadership team for the next few years assisting Dave. I'll continue as one of your Pastors, continue as one of the Teachers, continue developing leaders. I'll take the role that is becoming familiar to me - the grandfather. And Dave will provide the vision and leadership as the Sr. Pastor. I believe in Dave Fox and I am excited to follow him and partner with him. I believe the best years of ministry for The Bridge are ahead of us...and that God has provided a Godly leader to point the way. Join me, as together we inspire this generation to become totally devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

--Dave Fox-- “Many of you have been a part of The Bridge for a long time, and some of you from the beginning! Over the past 16 years, God has led us, through Mo, on a very exciting ride. God has gifted Mo w/ Big vision and dreams and we have all benefited from his leading! As Mo began to consider what God had in store for him next, he challenged me to consider taking the baton at The Bridge and running with it. I love the shared vision w/ Mo for reaching our community for Christ. I also love the idea that Mo is going to continue to be a part of the Pastoral team @ The Bridge. Missy and I have been praying about this now for a little while. Much of my excitement for this role is due to my sense that this is God’s calling for me @ this time. I look forward to walking alongside the staff and leaders of The Bridge, and all of you, as we together inspire this generation to become totally devoted followers of Jesus Christ!”

--Roger Muselman-- “Over the years of working with Pastor Mo, I have come to trust his leadership and his commitment to following God's plan for the future. And I believe that this transition plan, from Pastor Mo's leadership over to Pastor Dave, is continuing to follow the Lord's guidance. I believe that God will use Pastor Dave as he has used Pastor Mo. I look forward to a bright future for The Bridge Community Church. Please pray that God will continue to lead as we move through this transition.”

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