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Starting Point

Everything has a starting point—your life, your relationships, your education, your career.

Sometimes we forget that faith has a starting point as well. For some of us, our faith journeys began in childhood as a set of beliefs handed to us by a parent, teacher, or pastor. Maybe you developed a framework of faith based on personal experience. Or maybe you had no faith at all. Too often, a faith formed in childhood isn’t strong enough to withstand the pressures of adult life. But what if you could find a new starting point for faith?

Is it possible to wipe the slate clean and have an adult starting point for faith? If so, where would you begin? What questions would you ask? This 8-part series explores what it would look like to hit the restart button on your faith.

DAVE FOX - 09.27.15 | Acts 17:16-32
Everything that exists had a starting point...including you. You may have started on purpose. You may have started by accident (from your parent's perspective). You may have even started through the magic of medical science. Whatever the circumstances, you had a starting point and it began...
MO HODGDE - 10.04.15 | Matthew 5:20-28
During childhood, you may have been handed a faith framework through which you began to view the world. For a lot of us, that childhood framework didn't survive the rigors of adulthood. It's not enough to say, "The Bible says...," in the face of real-life tragedy. Adults often need a new...
JON LEYSE - 10.11.15 | Genesis 12:1-3 Genesis 15:4-6
The three largest faith traditions - Judaism, Islam, and Christianity - claim the same starting point: a man named Abraham. All three agree that sin made a mess of the world and God started his clean up operation with Abraham. God made a series of promises and Abraham's response to those...
DAVE FOX - 10.18.15 | Exodus 20:1-3
Practically speaking, rules are often the centerpiece of religious life. Many people think the Ten Commandments are rules that make a relationship with God possible. If you follow the rules, God will be happy. If you don't, he won't. But what if a relationship with God doesn't depend on your...
MISSY FOX - 10.25.15 | John 1:26-29
Guilt is powerful. Shame can be crippling. We all have things in our pasts that haunt us. It only takes a word, a picture, or a name to bring it all back. We know we can do better from this point forward, but how are we supposed to fix the past?
We can say we’re sorry. We can ask for...
MO HODGE - 11.01.15 | Ephesians 2:1-9
At some point in your faith journey, you will settle into a bargaining posture with God. "God, if you will..., I promise I will..." We all do it. That's just part of religion - every religion. In fact, it's so much a part of human nature that even some atheists and agnostics do it when they find...
JON LEYSE - 11.08.15 | Luke 14:25-34
Before we come to an adult starting point in our faith, Jesus asks us to count the cost before we decide to follow Him.
DAVE FOX - 11.15.15 | Matthew 16:16-18
Jesus predicted that he would start a gathering, a movement...what we call church. And that church would spread all over the earth and outlast the Roman Empire. It would change the world. His prediction must have sounded outlandish to even his closest followers. But here we are, two thousand...
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